Learn to handstand

30 Days to Handstand

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What's the program all about?

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Everyone should experience the feeling of a holding a handstand!

It’s one of the most rewarding achievements that will never stop filling you joy.

And the best part is – ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Any age, height, shape… it doesn’t matter. You can learn!


But you can’t learn a handstand by only practicing handstands all day.  You have to train your body for the movement. A handstand requires all muscles to work in unison support your balance and stability.


This program will train you for that.


There’s over 2 hours of educational videos broken up over 4 weeks for you to follow along.

There’s also 3 weekly workouts to build mobility, stability and strength in your body.

Who's it for?

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...who are excited to get upside down and learn to handstand!

All ages

All genders

All body shapes


Meet the creators of the program

Adam Frater 


has trained thousands of people to transform their physique using the power of calisthenics. His workout programs focus on functional fitness to build strength, body control, and mobility.


In this handstand course, Adam brings his unique focus on bodyweight training to open your eyes to a new world of movement.

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Andrew Sealy

is a renowned yogi and movement specialist who teaches globally and has studied under many of the top leaders in his field.

His practice focuses on building awareness through mind-body connection. In this program, Andrew teaches you how to handstand in the same way his yoga masters taught him: through alignment, full-body integration, and breath.