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About the program


If you want to know more about a fitness program, you need to hear from the person who designed it.


That’s why I told my marketing team to f*ck off.

They insisted on trying to sell you with fancy marketing tactics but I said the message has to come from ME.

-Adam Frater


Now onto the good stuff...



This is a functional fitness program.


Meaning you will be training with dynamic exercises that are more functional to a healthy body.

On top of the physical gains, the benefits of this program are:

  • Increased body control

  • Mobility

  • Physical awareness

  • balance, endurance

  • explosiveness

  • much more. 


Weightlifting is a great way to build strength - for more weightlifting. But with functional, bodyweight exercises, you build body control, which is 10x more satisfying and more useful than pushing weight around.


Bodyweight Bulk is different than 99% of fitness programs...

There are no rep counts!

Instead of having you do "10 reps" of an exercise, you will perform exercises to percentages of maximum effort.

THIS is why it's so effective.

Instead of stopping at 10 reps when you still have gas in the tank, you will learn push yourself harder. Your mind will become stronger and a strong mind can conquer harder workouts.


Be prepared to do A LOT OF REPS.  This program will work your body in new and challenging ways which will force your muscles to adapt - gaining strength, power, and size.


Can you really put on size with just your bodyweight?

The answer is…

It depends on the workouts you’re doing!


I’ve developed a unique system that uses my 10 year experience and the results of thousands of people I've worked with. This process was meticulously thought out and tested thoroughly.

It's all about HOW you train.

It's not about using weights or not. It's about pushing your muscles to the brink of failure so your body learns to adapt and build muscle to compensate for the workouts you put it through.

Anyone can complete a workout.. However, the better athletes are the ones who don't get tired as quick.  This program was methodically structured to simultaneously train your body while also preparing you for the longer harder workouts ahead.  This is a unique concept that I've used with repeated success over and over.