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How about a fitness program that actually challenges you and get's you excited to train?

What is Bodyweight BULK?


Bodyweight BULK is my creation.

I designed this program to utilize bodyweight and calisthenics exercises to help you build strength, power, body control, and size.

The human body is amazing - it's programmed to adapt.


I designed this program with 3 completely different styles of training so that you never get comfortable with your workouts. And this is what gets you results.

Your body will adapt and get stronger (and bigger) to compensate for this new challenging environment you've put it in.


About me...

I've been an athlete my entire life.

I take a very personal approach to overall health..​

I love helping people discover their true potential.

I don't like to f*ck around with my passion.

This program took me over 6 months to create.

I wrote it then rewrote it... Tested, then tested some more.

I use my 15 years of experience and methods from thousands of successful clients to deliver you the best value possible.

Adam Frater



This is a functional fitness program.


Meaning you will be training with dynamic exercises that are more functional to a healthy body.

On top of the physical gains, the benefits of this program are:

  • Increased body control

  • Mobility

  • Physical awareness

  • balance, endurance

  • explosiveness

  • much more. 


Weightlifting is a great way to build strength - for more weightlifting. But with functional, bodyweight exercises, you build body control, which is 10x more satisfying and more useful than pushing weight around.


REPS TO failure

Bodyweight Bulk is different than 99% of fitness programs...

There are no rep counts!

Instead of having you do "10 reps" of an exercise, you will perform exercises to percentage of maximum effort.

THIS is why it's so effective.

Instead of stopping at 10 reps when you still have gas in the tank,

you will learn to push yourself harder.


Your mind will become stronger and a strong mind can conquer harder workouts.


Be prepared to do A LOT OF REPS.

This program will work your body in new, challenging ways which force your muscles to adapt - gaining strength, power, and size.



Can you really put on size with just your bodyweight?

It depends on the workouts you’re doing!


I’ve developed a unique system that uses my 10 year experience and the results of thousands of people I've worked with. This process was meticulously thought out and tested thoroughly.

It's all about HOW you train.

Anyone can complete a workout..

However, the better athletes are the ones who don't get tired as quick.


This program was methodically structured to simultaneously train your body while also preparing you for the longer harder workouts ahead. This is a unique concept that I've used with repeated success over and over.

Program Format


1 - 2 - 7 - 8



Be prepared to do a lot of reps. The goal is to train your body to pump blood and oxygen to your muscles and train your mind to learn how to push you through these workouts. You will get mentally strong as well and learn how to motivate yourself through more difficult workouts.


3 - 6 - 9 - 12


These circuits impact your body by forcing it to efficiently use it’s energy to get through the workout.  You will be pushed physically as well as mentally and after a circuit week you will be ready to tackle any other workout.


4 - 5 - 10 - 11



Supersets are one of the best ways to cause muscle hypertrophy, when your muscles grow in size and density. The workouts will push you until failure and help you develop cardiovascular endurance. This will increase your stamina and allow you to get more out of all your workouts.


Start whenever you want.

Once you join the program, it’s yours!

Start whenever you want...  today, next week, next year. It’s up to you!


and Efficient

Bodyweight training is such an effective form of training because it requires full body stability.


This targets a wider range of muscle fibers and forces the body to work significantly harder than generic gym exercises.

Vinyasa Flow 2.jpg
Scissor Kicks (floor) 2.png
Single Leg Bench Squats 2.jpg
Leg Raises 2.jpg
Skydivers 1.png
Jack Knife 2.jpg
Explosive Puahups 2.jpg
Single Leg Bridge 2.png
Head Bangers 1.jpg
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MORE than just workouts

Improve your life by first improving your mindset.


Being able to self motivate is essential to all forms of success.  Learn Adam's 10 step process to altering your mindset to achieve happiness and success both physically and mentally.



  • 6 recipes for breakfast

  • 6 recipes for lunch

  • 6 recipes for dinner

  • 6 recipes for snacks

  • Macros included

  • Vegan options available

Learn to prepare these meals and give yourself the ability to be healthy all the time. The recipes are easy to follow and will make your shopping convenient as well.


Eating Guide

  • Caloric Maintenance Level

  • Caloric Surplus

  • Counting Macros

  • Foods to eat for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • How to cook

  • more...

After reading this guide, you will know what foods to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it, and even how to cook it.  The diet is geared to overall performance and specifically muscle gain.


"I broke through my plateau!"

This program helped me to break through my plateau allowing me to finally accomplish my physique goals.

I became noticeably stronger and I saw improvements in my endurance and also body control and power


Adam was very helpful throughout the program and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get in great shape and accomplish their fitness goals.

Carlos S.

Gained weight without losing definition

“By using Adam’s program and diet method, I was able to achieve my dream body.


I have never felt healthier and been more lean in my life. It doesn't stop here, the sky's the limit. These workouts and challenges have changed my life tremendously. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a athletic physique!“

Brandon T.

Brandon Thao.jpg
Brandon Thao2.JPG

What's included?

24/7 Email


BULK Performance Recipes

Downloadable PDFs optimized for mobile

BULK Performance

Eating Guide

MindSET Training Course

Private FB

Community Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What level or experience do I need?

This program was designed to fit most body types. However, if you are unable to physically perform the bodyweight exercises listed above, you will not be able to complete the program. View the workouts above to determine if it’s right for you.

Do I need equipment?

The only equipment you need is access to a pullup bar for 2-3 days per week. A doorway pullup bar is fine or you can go to a local park or gym.  You can also purchase a resistance band to help you get more reps and progress quicker.

What if I struggle with pullups?

Don’t worry! Most people have more push strength than pull. To help you train to build pullup strength, you should purchase a resistance band. The band can be looped over the bar and under your feet to take some weight off and allow you to get the reps necessary to build more strength.

Is this a membership?

No. This is not a membership. It’s a one time payment and you get access for life. Start whenever and feel free to repeat the program as many times as you want. It’s yours!

Money Back Guarantee

We value RESULTS and happy customers above all else.

Therefore, you have 7 days from the point of purchase to try the program for yourself.

Once you try it out, you'll understand why it's worked for over 6,000 people!





12 Week


 30% OFF!

Summer Discount


Limited time only


FULL DEDICATION is the best choice if you want to transform your body and your life.

Stay focused and HUSTLE.


The sweat, the tears - it will all be worth it.

You can't put a price tag on what you'll look like in 12 weeks.

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